About Vertical Works

"The ability to adapt fast, learn fast, and execute fast (at a low cost) are staple ingredients for success."

Michael's Bio

Michael Bowman founded Vertical Works in the mid-1990s with the goal of providing clients with software-integration, and, custom-software-solutions that allow the client to leap frog ahead of the competition.

Michael’s parents were computer professionals(mainframe era), so it was natural for Michael to learn about computers at a very young age.  By age 12, Michael was coding in Basic & Pascal.  By high school, Michael was a fluent programmer and had written code and small apps for the Radio Shack TRS-80 and IBM-PC (the original 4.77 MHz box).  Michael wrote many programs which demoed the power of the IBM PC.  In the 1980s & 1990s, Michael used PC computers in professional Recording Studio’s (A&M, The Village Recorder, Can-Am, etc.) to manage complex session data, and recording/mixing operations while working with industry giants such as Herb Alpert, Richard Carpenter, and David Lee Roth; to name just a few).

Vertical Works is located south of Portland Oregon (the Pacific Northwest region of America).  Michael is an accomplished solution-architect, software-engineer and project-manager that is well versed in all aspects of Agile/Scrum software development.  Michael transitioned from DOS based apps, to Windows based apps when Windows hit the market.  He has been writing Windows apps for over 20 years, and now uses .NET for many custom solutions.  He continues to build custom solutions using .NET and iOS frameworks, for Windows and MAC platforms; respectively.  The services he offers cover the spectrum.  Michael provides clients with the best ROI for integration and custom software needs.  Michael operates with the lowest of overhead, but delivers the finest quality product.  Vertical Works delivers fast, on-time, and always with a "satisfaction guarantee". Michael has produced 17 solutions for Intel in as many years.  His work history speaks for itself, Michael has excellent references.

What A Client Needs...

Every client is different, yet the needs of the client are always the same.  Every client is looking for fast-execution, high-quality, accountability and transparency.  Client's need these things at the lowest possible price point.  Next, client's need security, and protection from the various types of IP violations that exist from "off-shoring".  Vertical Works delivers on all points, just ask our references and our clientele!

TEL: 1 503.805.9881
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