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E N T E R    S I T E

Michael Bowman (owner of Vertical Works) is an expert solution-architect / software-engineer that happens to be a professional SDLC practitioner, Agile/Scrum Master, Project Manager, and, an expert problem solver; who employs design-patterns, best-practices, industry-standards, and the latest tools and technologies with passion, strength and of course, discipline.
   -- Highlights --
 20+ yrs of extensive, professional fortune 500/1000 experience
 Outstanding track record of success (with references)
 World-class skills & experience (business, tools, standards & practices)

Michael's background spans the domain spectrum, covering both public and private sectors.  He delivers "the finest",
Michael Bowman
most-affordable, well-designed, well-tested, and documented deliverables on the market today!  From his secure, custom built "lab" near Portland Oregon, Michael produces the very best turn-key apps, web-sites, software-components, utilities, applets, mobile-apps, services and databases money can buy!  Michael executes fast, and operates with total transparency.  He provides clients with 24X7 support and is fully accountable each day via custom status reports, dashboard measures, and other automated tools which generate a variety of project information for clients regardless of the clients actual location or disposition.  The Vertical Works "lab" has 3 live web cams allowing "authorized" clients to interact with Vertical Works.  His clients always enjoy a worry-free, hassle-free engagement thanks to Michael's drive, dedication, "lab" infrastructure and core belief that "customer satisfaction" really is priority one, every single day!

Michael proudly serves many clients such as: Intel, Boeing, CNA Insurance, Kaiser Permanente, PacifiCorp, Pendleton Woolen Mills, North Pacific Insurance, Beacon One Insurance, Everlast Generators, and many, many others across America and around the world.  He has excellent references backed by an outstanding work history!  He has completed 15 projects for Intel over the years.  Not many can boast that!

"From my lab, I design, build and deliver highly-optimized web-sites, web-services, custom-databases, windows-apps, mobile-apps, system-services, components, and total turn-key apps using state-of-the-art tools, technologies, design-patterns, industry-standards, and best-practices.  I use AGILE methods and tools to manage your solution with total transparency and perfect accountability.  Your satisfaction is priority one because your continued patronage and word of mouth reference serve as my reward.  I look forward to serving you, your staff and your business by building the custom software you need to succeed!"

Michael is well-versed and fluent with a large assortment of tools and technologies (too many to list here).   His primary platform is "Microsoft / .NET" and his toolset is Visual Studio with all related tools and technologies.   Michael is fluent with; C#, VB.NET, F#, J#, WF, WPF, WCF, REST, Silverlight, RIA, AJAX, MVC3/RAZOR, JQuery, JSON, NUnit, TFS, VSS, Subversion, etc.  As a SCRUM Master and iterative development guru, Michael excels in TDD, IoC & DI with Unity x.x, patterns, modeling, abstraction, continuous integration & build engineering.  He's an expert with SQL Server, Entity Framework, SharePoint, the UML, OO, OOAD, ADO/ODBC/OLEDB, XML/XSLT, Remoting, Reflection, LINQ/LAMBDA, Generics, and CRM Dynamics.   Michael is network savvy and can plan, configure and maintain Microsoft AD networks.  His capacity to "learn fast" is rivaled only by his ability to adapt.   Michael is a sharp individual with a stunning grasp of technology & methodology.

To every client, Michael makes the following guarantee: “Your satisfaction is my highest priority. I promise to get the job done, on-time, without cost overrun. Using Agile methods, I promise to deliver well-built, tight, highly optimized code that is compliant with industry standards and uses design patterns.  The deliverable(s) I generate meet the spec, they scale, they are documented, and they work as intended!”
"The most depraved type of human being
is the man without a purpose!"
"I don't build to get clients, I get clients to build!"
                                                       -Ayn Rand
E N T E R    S I T E
503.805.9881 email:mbowman@verticalworks.com
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